Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Conceptual Entrepreneurial Business Plan Assignment

Conceptual Entrepreneurial Business Plan - Assignment Example However, when new policies were implemented, all the Passenger Service Vehicles (PSV) were required to be registered under different Sacco’s. In January 2015, all the PSVs were required to register their vehicles and the route to operate. A minimum of twenty vehicles were allowed to register as a Sacco. Ironically, most bus owners did not like the idea of working in a Sacco. As a result, they withdrew their buses in town and operated other routes outside the town. Indeed, it was a good idea to join a Sacco as it was easy to manage the fleet in town, but owners had a contrary opinion. This brought about a gap in the industry, leaving a lot of passengers frustrated. Approximately 6000 people travel in and out of the city daily. With the few buses remaining, this is not proportion to the need. To meet this demand, the company intends to buy 20 new 40-seater buses. Very stiff competition will be expected from the already operating bus companies. The City Hopper Company is currently the leading company within the town offering transport services. Nevertheless, it is not the only company. Other companies are: Best ways chopper - it one of the oldest companies that has been in operation and operate within the town only. It has a number of buses, but most of them have been grounded because of mismanagement and poor maintenance. City Hopper- it is the largest company that serves most parts of the city. It has installed bus terminus at strategic places within and outside the city. Nonetheless, there are a few buses owned by the company. On several occasions, they are opportunistic and escalate fares mainly at rush hours and on rainy season. Drivers, turn boys/ conductors, secretary, mechanics and accountant/cashier will be on the same level. They will all be answerable to the assistant manager. The entire management system will be supervised by the general manager assisted by his deputy. All the staff

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